I noticed on Facebook today following the story about a student in police custody for taking a handgun to school, that a number of people are quick to blame the parents in this situation.

I know that it was a different time, but when i was growing up i had my own guns from the time that i was 12 years old and after turning 16 would often have them in my truck and always had access to them. Today is a different day but are our youth more restricted in the ownership and control of firearms?

My own boys have always had their own firearms and access to mine as well but were taught the use and respect that comes along with ownership. If they choose then to make a bad decision is it my fault? And if it is my fault when is it not anymore? My boys are 22, 24 and 34, am i off the hook?

And because these people are so quick to blame the parents i am curious. Do you go thru your child's backpack everyday? Do they get a quick pat down to make sure they are not taking something to school they shouldn't? Can we really plan for every eventuality and if we can't are we to blame?

Am wondering about your thoughts.