Outside of this big country of Wyoming, country music has quite a following. Cowboy fashion as well as the music sells like crazy in Germany. In a few other places people love the whole country lifestyle - whatever language they speak.

In English, however, when it comes to actor and comedian Patrick Stewart, we're pretty sure "Stewart Sings Country" is just a big bunch of uh, British humor. If you like Brit whit, however, we'd never say there's anything wrong with that. In fact tell us if Sir Patrick should try singing country in Wyoming.

Can you believe they produced a whole album and that four minute video? I don't know if I do actually believe that. By the way, we dialed the 877 number. Patrick's fake southern accent tells you no more orders are being taken because the album is all sold out. Well, yee haw for him, I mean if it's just crazy enough to be true. (Naw, I don't believe it is ... do you?)