Several Native American tribe leaders want to change the names for two locations in Yellowstone National Park – Hayden Valley and Mount Doane. Both places are still named after men responsible for essentially exterminating Native American's ancestors. Give us your own opinion.

Tribal leaders met this weekend to spur change. According to NBC Montana, the tribal leaders say the names are offensive because they are named after one man who supported killing natives and another man who actually took part in killing them.

Hayden had recommended to the U.S. Congress to eliminate those who wouldn't become farmers and ranchers. Doane was in a U.S. Army cavalry company, which massacred innocent people. 173 people were slaughtered near the Marias River in January 1870.

In a report from, a Blackfoot Chief quoted Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane, “I was the first and last man in the Piikani camp, January 23, 1870, at the greatest slaughter of Indians ever made by U.S. troops.”

The tribes would like to see Mount Doane changed to the First Peoples Mountain and to rename Hayden Valley to Buffalo People’s Valley.

There are some who claim renaming a place or thing dedicated to terrible people is a disconnect from identifying historical figures for who they really were. Many others are torn, only arguing it isn't appropriate for them to judge.

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