Skijoring: A winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow or ice by a horse or vehicle. Source:

If pulling someone on ski's behind a horse isn't the most Wyoming sport ever...I don't know what is.

Just in case you thought keeping it together while being pulled behind a galloping horse on ski's wasn't hard enough, the Saratoga Skijoring Races takes it to a whole new level.

Timed races, jumps, and obstacle courses combine to make this Wyoming winter event major fun for the entire family.

Don't believe me, watch this...

Tell me this doesn't look like an amazing amount of fun?

This year's Saratoga Skijoring Race is February 8 and 9th. There is still time to register your team and to get tickets to attend the Concert event featuring one of our favorite Wyoming bands, Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band.

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