Living in Wyoming, most of us are brought up to respect Wildlife. Knowing how to properly deal with a wild animal can save lives—yours and theirs. Moose have a reputation for having short tempers. However, proper knowledge, preparation and common sense can help people avoid most incidents.

In the below video, a snowmobiler comes upon a moose on a snowmobile trail. The moose doesn’t appear interested in moving out of the way, and when approached, the moose becomes aggressive and jumps at the snowmobiler’s chest. Following that, the snowmobiler fires several shots from a handgun that ultimately downs the moose.

The snowmobiler appears to calmly drive away leaving the moose on the trail.

Do you feel the shooting was justified or does this man deserve to face charges? Sound off in the comments below.

WARNING: The video below contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.