On July 27, we shared a video that was sent to us that showed unidentified lights over Evansville, Wyoming. We now know the reason for those lights.

The original share of these unknown lights caused quite a stir. The lights over Evansville has been covered by websites all around America and even in the UK. The Express in the UK even quoted a FAA official that said no aircraft were in the air that night in our area which further fueled the UFO conspiracy theories.

I can confirm that we received a call at the radio station that identified the lights. It was a mother (whom I shall not name for the family's sake) who said the lights were LED balloons/lights that were released that night in memory of her daughter who had passed away a few months ago.

I doubt sharing the facts of the phone call I heard with my very own ears will satisfy some of the crazier conspiracy websites, but this is really what happened.

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