Many Casper residents might not look forward to all the humanity in town for the Great Eclipse Festival, but to some, that may not be the bother. It's the fear of an eclipse.

So many people will be coming, but there may be a few natives going – because of Kosmikophobia (fear of cosmic phenomenon). Experts say there are also ancient solar eclipse fears that still exist today.

To some an eclipse is an evil omen of death and destruction. Also in Casper, during an eclipse meth production is only higher. Yes, I just made that up - sorry. One thing is true, though, an eclipse really can damage one's eyes.

One old popular misconception was that eclipses could be a danger to pregnant women and their unborn. They're still asked to stay indoors during the darkening of the sun - in some cultures.

On the brighter side, in Italy, it’s believed flowers planted during a solar eclipse are brighter and more colorful. That’s nice. We’ll buy that one – or we’d like to buy that.

Of course, scientists say there's no evidence solar eclipses can affect human behavior, health or the environment. They just say anyone watching must protect the eyes.