I was hooked early on this video when I heard:

When people asked why I wanted to leave everything and move to Wyoming, I didn't really have an answer ... but ... now I do.

Ain't there something cool about that? I don't think she's the only one who just knew something.

Growing up in Texas I thought one day I'd move to Colorado. I know, but I did - three different times. Over a 30 year period I was there for over a decade. I loved it at first, but by the time I left the second time it was getting crowded. When I moved back a third time, the look was shockingly like Chicago or Detroit, with light rail down the middle of the freeway. Great views were obstructed, and rent was just starting to go Mile High. Over the last years I was there I saw it change even more. The ugly old "brown cloud" is gone, but so is the old Denver - long gone.

By the time the opportunity came along to move to Wyoming, I was so ready to go. And I also am so glad I did.