If you believe that bears are dangerous, you should see this report that shows that taking selfies are even more hazardous to your health.

I saw this story first shared by the New York Post. It state that more people die from taking selfies than shark attacks. Spoiler alert: shark attacks are not common in Wyoming, but bear attacks can be.

The New York Post story is based on a study done by Case 24. They spoke to an almost even number of men and women totally over 2,000. They asked them if they had been injured when taking a selfie. A shocking 11 percent indicated they had suffered some kind of injury while trying to capture a selfie with something unique.

While bear attacks tend to get a lot of attention in the news, the truth is there aren't very many of them. The Wikipedia page for fatal bear attacks shows that you can normally count the number of fatalities for each year on one hand.

A couple of years ago, Alaska Life dug up some CDC numbers on bear deaths and found out there were around 2 per year.

To take this even further, this report on selfie dangers shows that you're more likely to be injured attempting to take a picture of yourself than trying to ride a bison or petting a wolf.

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