Shooting clay targets is a great way to keep your shotgun skills intact and a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. During the summer months in Wyoming, there aren't many things you can hunt with a shotgun, so shooting clay targets is a great option.

If you enjoy shooting, breaking clays doesn't take much effort. Grab a box of clay targets, a clay thrower, a shotgun, shotgun shells, and eye and ear protection; then you're on your way.

The next step is to figure out what you're doing. It's not rocket science, but it is an activity in which you must practice safety, know how to use a shotgun properly, and learn the best way to shoot the targets effectively.

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Shooting clay targets may seem complicated, and it may be if you overthink it. As I'm preparing to shoot in the Clays for the Brave shooting competition, and it's been a while since I've shot clays, I thought I better refresh my memory on the process. I started watching shotgun shooting instructor Dean Blanchard's videos as a refresher. You may want to check out his videos if it's also been a while for you.

Knowing the proper stance is a crucial step when shooting clays.

When you're shooting, don't make it too complicated.

Many people try to aim their shotgun at the target. The problem with doing that is that they cannot focus on the target, as Dean says in this video.

See it, move with it, shoot it.


Knowing how to lead a target is essential when shooting clays.

ShotKam has an exciting video showing the best way to lead a clay target. Keep this in mind when you're shooting in the Wyoming wind.

Shooting sporting clays is a great way to stay outside and practice shooting.

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