If you're living in Wyoming, you probably have a firearm or twelve.

You love going out and shooting with family and friends, but you feel like you are missing out on something.

That something could be that you've never had the chance to shoot a high-powered machine gun or a cannon, felt the force of dynamite exploding, or had the experience of seeing tracer-fire zip across the Wyoming sky.

If this is what you're missing, grab your hearing and eye protection and get ready for the Central Wyoming Machine Gun & Cannon Shoot. You'll have the chance to see some of the coolest weapons created in the last 150 years.

Seriously, some firearms you'll see, hear, and have a chance to fire are incredible.

We just got word that the M134 Mini Gun will be returning for the 2024 Shoot! Make sure to come out to see this Awesome Firearm

If that's not proof enough that you'll have a BLAST, check this out.

If this event isn't cool enough, the proceeds will go to Wyoming veterans via H.D. Outdoors.

June 7 at the Central Wyoming Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot will also be the first Recoil Therapy of the summer. The shoot will be an excellent opportunity for veterans to hang out with other veterans and shoot together. If you're a vet, you can attend for free and receive a bonus shoot.

How To Shoot Awesome Guns And Support Wyoming Veterans
Lindsay Stillwell

This fun opportunity is held yearly on the Garret Ranch just off 487 south of Casper.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you're into guns, explosions, shooting, or supporting veterans, you need to attend this event. Machine Gun rentals, dynamite reactive targets, a nightly mad minute tracer shoot, and fireworks are happening all weekend.

Buy your passes in advance, or buy them at the gate.

  • Weekend passes: $20
  • Weekend Camping Passes: $40

It's recommended to bring cash. Credit card machines aren't guaranteed to work. 

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