If you're married or engaged, how long did it take for your significant other to propose? A new study claims that most Wyomingites take over 2 years to pop the question.

The first question I had when I saw this was how can you know? It's not like there's a common database where all prospective grooms go to where they share proposal details. The study comes from Shane Co, a jewelry company. That makes sense. They surveyed over 3,100 engaged or married couples to see how long it took for each to reach "I do". Or, maybe I should say "I will" since this is engagement and not necessarily marriage.

With the numbers crunched, they show that most Wyomingites take over 28 months to pop the question. That seems like a very responsible number to me, but it also seems a little slow. We are very deliberate people here though. How does that compare to the rest of the country? Here's the map shared by Shane Co showing each state's length before love becomes engagement.

Shane Co
Shane Co

Let's look at our neighbors, shall we? Coloradoans take over 3 years to decide they found "the one". It's the opposite in Utah. A mere 18 months of courtship could lead to a dude on his knee in front of you.

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The other takeaway is don't say I love you to a Hoosier from Indiana or that one friend we all have in Washington state. You'll be in front of the justice of the peace in no time if you do as they are the 2 states with the shortest dating periods before engagement.

We asked you about your courtship length and you had a lot to say.

My wife would probably say that I'm the "go big too early" guy as I told her that she was the one on date #5. Since she has been my wife for nearly 18 years now, I could say that I was right after all, but she has informed me that I'm not allowed to be right. (*sigh*)

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