It was quite the scene outside the Hall of Justice in Casper on Wednesday, as various emergency units responded to reports of a suspicious package that was delivered to the courthouse.

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"Probably about an hour ago, we got a call for a suspicious package here at the Hall of Justice," said Andrew Sundell, the Public Information Officer for A Platoon of Casper Fire-EMS. "It was just an envelope with some white powder in it. Our pretty standard response for that is to send a couple engines to control the scene; that way we have some personnel to evacuate if necessary. And then we sent our specialty units from Engine 6, which is our Regional Response Unit that specializes in hazardous materials."

Sundell said that once that response team got on scene, they sent in a team to evaluate the package.

Nick Perkins, Townsquare Media
Nick Perkins, Townsquare Media

"We sent an entry team in that takes in some fancy Hazmat testing equipment, and they were able to test the substance and determined it was not a hazardous product at all," Sundell said. "It's just a couple medical pills that had been crushed up in the mail."

Of course, anytime a suspicious white powder shows up at a government building, it's a cause for concern. But Casper Fire-EMS followed all procedures to safely determine there was not an actual threat.

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