NASCAR Pit Fight!
With about two laps to go in the AdvoCare 500, NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon crashed into fellow driver Clint Bowyer. The bump sent Bowyer into the wall and sparked one of the greatest NASCAR fights of all-time -- in the pits!
Tony Stewart Gooses DeLana Harvick? (VIDEO)
This past weekend at  GEICO 400 at Chicagoland on Sunday, NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart, who apparently has a pre-race ritual where he grabs someone’s behind for good luck, managed to get Kevin Harvick’s wife as his victim.
This isn't the first time he's do…
ButtleOpener: The Butt Cheek Bottle Opener Was Too Hot For NASCAR
ButtleOpener is a life-size replica of a woman’s panty-clothed buttocks that serves as a novelty beer bottle opener. Because, of course it is. Watch the ButtleOpener in Action:

While we readily acknowledge that there is probably a woman somewhere in America who can perform this practical function wit…

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