What makes a home "historic"?

I actually took some time to learn if there really were rules to giving a home this label, or if it just means any house that's "old".

It turns out there ARE some generally understood rules to follow before calling a home historic.

The home needs to be at least 50 years old and it needs to be as close to the original architecture as possible.

If the owner wants a home to be considered a historic landmark there are a few more stipulations. For example, the home needs to be associated with a person or event of historic importance.

You can read more here...but based on what I read I feel comfortable saying that the charming 99-year-old English Tudor Style home I recently came across on Zillow IS historic.

It's located in Downtown Casper on Walnut Street and it has a ton of historic aspects to both the exterior and interior.

AND I was so excited when I saw that you can take a 3D tour of this particular home.

Take a look at some pictures of my favorite historical details in this home and then take the 3D tour.

Charming Casper Wyoming Home Has Tons Of Historic Features

This home located at 1610 Walnut St in Casper, Wyoming is 99 years old. It's an all brick English Tudor home with a Carriage House roof that has tons of historic features on both the exterior and interior.

The backyard of this home looks like the perfect place to spend long summer nights, and I just love the charming quirkiness of the bedrooms.

If you'd like to take a 3D tour of this 3,000 sq ft home so you can see it all, just follow this link.

Casper, Wyoming Home Has Tons Of Outdoor Living Space

This 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom 5,854 square foot home is located on the East side of Casper, Wyoming, and is on .6 acres. The current asking price is $1,395,000.

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