Mining in Wyoming has always been a boom and bust business. Sometimes the minerals run dry. Sometimes politics get in the way. Sometime people are greedy and it destroys everything. Welcome to Gebo, Wyoming. This town was once a thriving mining town. Now it town is nothing but a landscape of walls jetting up from the ground like a half buried skeleton.

The town is located about 10 miles from Thermopolis. In its prime, it was the most populated town in its county with nearly 20,000 people living there. The Owl Creek Coal Mine employed the town. The mine was active until 1938. After the mining stopped, the town withered away into the state it is in now.

The mine and town were doomed by a scandalous business deal. The owner of the land Sam Gebo wanted to sell the land to a Mr. Sully, according to Since Mr. Sully didn’t want the full 160 acres that Gebo owned, Gebo separated the land out and sold to people who were not living. The President caught wind of this fraudulent activity and took the land from Gebo.

This drone video you can see what is left of the town. You can see the old buildings aligned in a half circle. Some of the walls lay in rubble. This once booming mining town is nothing but an empty shell.

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