We’ve heard of radical teaching methods before, but a teacher who recently forced a five-year-old student to eat a bagel from the trash at Deerfield Township Elementary School in New Jersey definitely went overboard.

According to reports, kindergarten student Ke’Nya Harris threw away a bagel during lunch last week and was later forced by a teacher to eat it in front of her classmates.

Presumably, she was trying to teach the child a lesson in wastefulness, but her mother Kandice thinks race may have been an issue, since the young girl comes from a low-income black family and attends a predominately white school.

“When you went in the trash can, you went beyond anything, you went just as low as a dog,” she said. “Like, who eats out of a trash can?”

The teacher admitted to the incident and incredibly refused to apologize, claiming that she would have willingly eaten the bagel herself. The mom, meanwhile, has filed a report with state police and decided to keep her child home until the school’s attorney fully investigates.

What do you think? Was the teacher right or wrong?

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