This last snowstorm was formidable, but that didn't stop Casper. I am humbled by this community and how it can pull together when things get tough. So, I asked to nominate your unsung local hero. Who made this snowmageddon livable? What profession needs more praise for their work? We got a lot of good responses.

Natrona County School District got a lot of acclaim for its work. Let's face it; it is a hard job requiring choices that might not please everyone. Although we asked for unsung heroes, the schools were at the top of the list. We had recognition for bus drivers, grounds keeps, and teachers.

The first responders and medical professionals also received a lot of good vibes. It is still impressive to think these people run into danger when most run away. Fire, police, and medical are the most important people to keep a town running. And they don't get snow days.

Another common hero in our area is the ranchers or anyone who cares for livestock.It is often a thankless job, but it keeps the country fed. These animals can't miss a meal and depend on their care keepers 365 days a year. There are no days off. There are no snow days. The sun rises, which means it's another day of work.

To all those who have to put in extra work for the benefit of our community, thank you. You are the lifeblood of Casper. The things you do help so many. You probably don't get enough praise. Honestly, I think you deserve a raise too. You can tell your boss I said so.

Unsung Local Heroes Of The Snowmageddon 2023

This winter in Casper has been brutal, and this last snowstorm kicked our butt. With all the struggles, the town moves forward thanks to the unsung heroes. These people, from snow plow drivers to teachers, EMTs, and truck drivers, need some praise.

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