My family has been in Wyoming for several years now. We're used to cold and snowy winters. But, it's obvious to me that we still are not at the same level as some of the natives in this state that absolutely adore this time of year. This is my open letter to them and you if you share their joy.

As forecasts late last week began to turn into dire predictions of a record winter storm, my family began to prepare for not being able to move for several days potentially. I knew that my neighbors saw things differently as the smile began to appear on all of their faces. One guy even went and rolled his grill into the backyard. He was ready.

Initially, I was planning this as an appeal for mercy. If you were one of those that was cheering on the constantly upgraded predictions of winter doom, I was gonna beg for you to take it back.

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BUT...then something changed.

As "Snowmageddon" arrived, my excited neighbors suddenly became the most giving heroes I've ever witnessed. Every single day from the start of the week after the blizzard ended until now, they have been out daily helping to shovel driveways and even sometimes the street itself. As I've mentioned before, Casper side streets can be nightmare fuel after a winter storm.

One of the Casper snow lovers even equipped his 4-wheeler with a mini-plow and hit the snow drifts in front of our driveways like Ricky Bobby trying to make a record lap in Talladega Nights. His snow joy was contagious.

What began as a dreaded week of trying to figure out how to get to work and occasionally get food became a display of Wyoming spirit and generosity. That's why my plea for mercy has instead become a huge THANK YOU.

For me who absolutely loathes winter and snow, you made this week a true joy. That fact is a miracle in itself. Keep being you, Wyoming. Never change.

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