A movie trailer just reminded me of that time when Wyoming almost had nukes detonated under our feet for fracking purposes. It's the story of Project Wagon Wheel.

This preview was just dropped on Vimeo recently.

Atomic Fracking in Wyoming: The Story of Project Wagon Wheel (Trailer 1) from Gregory Asay on Vimeo.

WyoHistory has an in-depth story about the Wagon Wheel Project. It documents atomic fracking and how there was a plan to detonate 5 nukes in sequence under Sublette County.

Atomic fracking really did happen, but not here. WyoHistory described the process happening in Farmington, New Mexico and also two locations in Colorado. The oil companies considered those successful reportedly, but the project in Wyoming never got funded. Here's a classic 1960's feature on the detonation in Farmington.

The trailer on Vimeo indicates this new movie about Wyoming atomic fracking will air on Wyoming PBS on November 19 at 8 pm. I might have to set up my DVR to record this one.

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