When reading Thrillist, I found Best Damn Things About All 50 States, and it was a little disappointing as someone who lives in the Cowboy State. They said the best thing in the 307 is Yellowstone. Well, that was too easy, and I'd bet the person who wrote the story has never been to the Equality State. So I thought to myself, we need a locals-only list.

  • The People Are Friendly


    It's a quality over quantity thing. People are genuinely friendly. They care about their neighbors and community. I meet new people each time I'm waiting in line... which lines are not that common.

  • Low Taxes


    Wyoming has some of the lowest taxes in the nation. The state always makes the national lists of best state to retire or start a business. Why else would the richest woman in the US live right here in Wyoming. That would be Christy Walton heir to the Wal-Mart fortune.

  • Wide Open Spaces

    Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

    The state is full of great parks and open spaces that are not Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. There is Vedauwoo, Medicine Bow, Casper Mountain, Bighorn National Park, and so much more.

  • Great Hunting and Fishing


    There is an abundance of wildlife and fish for every type of sportsman. From monster trout in the Miracle Mile, to moose in the Tetons, to the antelope that are just about everywhere, there is something for every skill level.

  • A Beacon for Western History and Culture


    Wyoming is full of history. There are so many museums where the relics of western expansion lay in wait for a modern re-discovery. The National Historic Trails Center, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum are only a few of the great museums in the state.

  • Best Rodeos in the West


    There is a reason why Wyoming is called the Cowboy State. It could be the rodeos are more popular than football. Nearly every town has its own festivities. Not to mention the big daddy of them all, Cheyenne Frontier Days.

  • Most Guns Per Capta in USA


    In the Cowboy State, guns are a way of life. Most city-folk don't understand the peace and tranquility that comes from a good hunt. They often forget where that beef from the grocery store comes from, yet they are still searching for the best non-gluten, non-GMO, free range beef. Well, partner, it's still in the wild.