If you've ever listened closely to the lyrics in 'Done,' you know that it's the kind of song that gets written at the end of a relationship, when all ties are cut and both parties walk away angry. To illustrate the battle in real life, the Band Perry employed a human-sized chess board and people dressed as life-sized chess pieces.

With one team clad in black and one team decked out in white, the human chess pieces prepare for battle with war paint, swords, clubs and rally flags. Even the sibling trio look like they're ready to fight, as they are each rocking black leather outfits while they belt out the song.

After screaming their battle cries, the black and white chess teams take off toward one another, with Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry cheering the white team on behind them. After a series of slow motion shots of the armies charging, they collide. The Perry siblings keep cheering, and the white team stands victorious as their enemies fall to the ground.

The award-winning trio celebrates, and a member of the black team bows before Kimberly to hand over a crown. The battle is 'done.'

The video closes with a closeup shot panning across the faces of each team member, giving viewers a nice glimpse at their impressive costumes and makeup. This video is a far cry from other clips the Band Perry has released, but it is definitely a perfect fit for 'Done.'