Trying to decide what restaurant you're gonna eat at is an important decision. Many of us rely on Yelp to figure out where to go. You hope to find great reviews of your possibilities, but sometimes it goes the other way. With that in mind, here are the best of the worst Yelp reviews for Casper restaurants.

I will hide the names of the restaurants to protect the guilty innocent. Here are some of my favorite funny bad Yelp reviews from our local eateries. I have highlighted some of the parts that made me laugh the most.

First up are reviews of some Casper Chinese restaurants:

Kevin C said: 4 stars? Are you kidding me? This place is gross! I have eaten Pad Thai a lot of places and never has it been atomic glow in the dark orange and sickening. It's pretty hard to mess up (that's why I ordered it). My kids' food looked like some sort of neon orange slop and tasted (apparently, I couldn't bring myself to taste it) exactly as it appeared. We made it approx. 20 miles down the road before destroying the side of the highway.

Walter O. said: Probably the worst Chinese meal I have had with the exception of the Chinese food I had in India.

Casper burger places didn't fare much better. Some of these Yelp reviews are classics:

Bradley R. said: I don't know if the was good because I stood at the counter for ten minutes while some slob in black sweatpants or something simular with her *** ***** showing completely ignored me as did the Manger. Never going back!!!!

Cindy G. said: This place was disgusting. Trash and food on the floor. I had the unfortunate visual of witnessing the manager walk out of the men's room as he was zipping up his trousers which meant he did not wash his hands! I ended up throwing out my food.

Tres B. said The window attendant said it wa taking time to get a salad. Once we got the salad, here is what we discovered: wilted lettuce. wrong dressing. no fork.

What about Casper pizza places? Surely they have nothing but great reviews, right? Wrong.

Katie T. said: The manager is very rude when I called to let them know there was hair in my pizza he didn't want to hear it all he wanted was the pizza back i had already threw in the trash for training purposes makes no sense to me

David M. had a pizza place tell him this: Whoever I spoke with seemed really confused. "We don't deliver past the 6000 block. We have have trouble finding addresses."

If your pizza place has problems with deliveries, that's going to inspire some very saucy Yelp reviews. Fail.

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