A national website just gave Casper's nightlife a grade. But, what do those out-of-town people know? How would you rate Casper's nightlife?

The website Niche specializes in rating cities. According to them, Casper's nightlife rates a B+. If you look for details on how they came to that decision, you won't find any reasons. Hmm.

I looked at Yelp and their top 10 Casper nightlife locations are pretty much all restaurants. TripAdvisor is all bars.

This is such a hard question to answer because everyone's definition of what makes a good nightlife is different. If you're a family person, you likely want more activities that are kid-friendly. If you're single, clubs with live music might be what you're looking for.

What grade would you give Casper's nightlife? Forget the national website opinions. Here, you are the boss.

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