Where in Casper is the best place to go to the bathroom? When nature calls, who has the best and cleanest public restrooms? We polled our Facebook audience to find the best picks, and the results were divided, but there were a few top loos to use.

Josh S said, "There is no place like home."

Let's face it; when it comes to the bathroom, there is no place better than home. You pick the scent of the soap, and it's your choice of toilet paper. This is your castle. It's the best place to go, but that's sometimes not an option.

Amber B. said, "If I have my kids with me, I'm just going to say a prayer and hold till home."

People also said there isn't a clean public restroom in the city and that every bathroom is more of a latrine. Bathrooms are dirty, and they are a quintessential part of civilized living. Some folks will avoid public restrooms at all costs. Yet the question remains. Who has the best bathroom in Casper?

Ashley S. said, "When you gotta go, you gotta go doesn't matter where 😂"

In the town of Casper, we did have a few public lavatories worth mentioning. I want to consider this an award to the unsung heroes. Like Mike Roe's show Dirty Jobs, we take a moment for those who clean when we ... do our business. It's a thankless job, and I doubt it is fun. So, here is some small recognition for their dirty job.

The Best Public Restrooms in Casper

After looking at our Facebook poll, these are Casper's best and cleanest public restrooms. The first three places had the most votes, and Hat 6 Travel Center has the most praise for its restrooms. Then, closely followed by Maverick and Common Cents.

Please be respectful of all these businesses. We assume they would allow anyone to use the restrooms in an emergency, but officially they are for customer use only.

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