Yes, Wyoming has zombie deer - kinda. This is not a new thing, but the internet is once again obsessing over it since there's a new report saying the disease could spread to humans.

I saw this pop up on Distractify. It's a story about a new CDC report that the zombie deer disease (aka Chronic Wasting Disease) could be passed onto humans in the near future. USA Today also shared this newest reveal by the Centers for Disease Control.

Truth is this isn't even a new report from the CDC. They documented the potential for CWD to be passed from deer to humans as far back as 2004.

This is a real concern as you can see by one of the official CDC maps about this disease among free-roaming deer, it's very much a Wyoming thing.

But, note the dates of that map. Like I said, zombie deer in Wyoming is not a new thing. Last time I checked, we haven't turned into The Walking Dead - yet.

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