For nearly two centuries, treasure hunters here in the Cowboy State have been searching for the Lost Cabin Mine.

Legend has it, in the summer of 1834, a group of Swedish miners were working in the Bighorn Mountains when they struck gold.

According to local lore, their camp was raided by a local Native American tribe and all but one man was killed.

The sole survivor allegedly escaped and later resurfaced near Reno, Nevada, where he formed an expedition to return and claim his lost treasure.

Unfortunately, after returning to Wyoming, the entire search party was killed in another Indian raid.

Tales of the gold mine quickly spread far and wide. Scores of prospectors searched the hills high and low looking for the cabin, all to no avail.

In 1887, an artifact known as the Theon Stone was discovered near Spearfish, South Dakota. The stone memorialized the Swedish miners, whose bodies were never discovered. An investigation later revealed that all seven men named on the stone had last been seen prospecting in the Bighorns.

Over the years, the legend has grown. To this day, treasure hunters still travel to the Bighorn Mountains hoping to finally rediscover the elusive Lost Cabin Mine.