Americans use Google at shocking amounts daily. They have over 246 million unique United States visitors, which is more than 75% of the US population!

So what types of questions are Americans searching and more specifically, what are Wyoming residents searching?

A recent study conducted by All Home Connections mapped each state by their most Googled "Should I..." questions. For the Cowboy State, it was "should I have a baby?".

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Here are the most common "Should I" questions asked for the entire country:

  • “Should I buy a car?” Vehicle or no vehicle, 14 states were wondering if they should buy a new car in this new climate. With dealerships offering 30% more for a trade-in than a year ago due to a microchip car shortage, it’s little wonder why people coast to coast were asking if this was the year to buy a vehicle.
  • “Should I buy a house?” From Rhode Island down to South Carolina, eight states wondered if they should buy their new forever home. After a year where people were stuck inside for the better part of 2020, some were anxious for an upgrade. Unfortunately, the housing market skyrocketed during the pandemic, making buying a home more difficult for the average American.
  • “Should I cut/dye my hair?” New year, new you, right? Eleven states were wondering if they should either cut or dye their hair this year (six to cut, five to dye). If you think that’s radical, four other states were asking for a more permanent change: “Should I get a tattoo?”
  • “Should I have a baby? Should I get a dog?” After a year where people were either bored by themselves or bored with each other while stuck at home, it looks as though some sought extra companionship. Five states asked if they should have a baby, while four other states asked if they should get a dog. Speaking of companionship, Alabama, Louisiana, and Washington were all wondering if they should “text him back.” We don’t know who this “him” is, but if he hasn’t texted you yet, maybe you shouldn’t waste your time.

I found it interesting that Wyomingites actually asked Google this question so often. You would think this would be something you would want to discuss with another human being (like a significant other/spouse, for instance), but I guess consulting your favorite search engine does not automatically mean you wouldn't.

Que sera sera.

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