You see studies on a daily basis done about Wyoming, by people that have never been to the state. Including this one from Zippia about the most popular tattoo in each state. SO, how can someone know what the most popular tattoo in Wyoming is?

The answer: Google told them! Yep...because a few people in Wyoming, a state that didn't fall into the "Covid Trap", went to google and searched for Coronavirus Tattoo's! If you've been in Wyoming long, you've seen many people with tattoo's. Have you seen a high number of Coronavirus Tattoo's? There are probably some that have one, but to be the most popular in the state?

A 2020 study by found that 36% of adults aged 18-29 have at least one tattoo and 38% of 30-39 year old's have a tat. Tattooing is the 6th fastest growing American industry and you can't walk around Walmart and not see someone without a tattoo. That proves that tattoo's are popular, BUT...Coronavirus Tattoos in Wyoming?

Since Google told Compare Camp that Wyoming's most popular tattoo was a Coronavirus tattoo, a quick google image search of "Wyoming Tattoo's" revealed... Not ONE tattoo of Coronavirus. Their City, The legendary Steamboat, 307, Mountain Scene's, The State, UW Cowboy, tribal and floral patterns were the most popular tattoo's in the search. Since March of 2020 there have been some folks that were tattooed with "Coronavirus" being the theme because it was such a big part of the year, BUT in Wyoming?

Along with many other tattoo related facts, the statistics showed that with the surge in tattoo's will come the surge of tattoo removal procedures. Experts are predicting that tattoo removals will grow 18% annually over the next few years.

YouTube user Ife ka Terry is an artist from Africa that has captured Coronavirus tattoos from all over the world. Shape has also done a story about folks getting Coronavirus themed tattoos. They do exist, but do they exist enough in Wyoming for it to be the "most popular" in the state?

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