There are hidden gems all cross the country, but what is the best kept secret in Wyoming?

Much like hole-in-the-wall restaurants every town, city, state and country has those hidden gems. The places that you just have to see before you leave. The places that make a name for themselves among locals and tourists. With summer vacation kicking off soon, how fun would it be to see all of these places?

Enter Good Housekeeping.

The publication put together a list of the “50 Most Underrated Attractions in Every State.” Foregoing any boring categories, Good Housekeeping pitted every kind of attraction against one another. You’ll see drive-ins, nature trails, gardens and more on this list. So, we have to ask the question, where do you go in the state if Wyoming?

In the Cowboy State, it's all about the rock... Independence Rock. Located one hour southwest of Casper, Independence Rock is completely accessible. There is a lot of history in this landmark. When traveling, pioneers would use this rock as a stopping point. They needed to reach Independence Rock by July 4 in order to avoid the rough winter weather as they crossed the Sierra Nevada.

Have you been to Independence Rock?

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