I completely believe that the best experiences in life are not complicated. This is a great example. It's the simple joy of watching a young Wyoming girl catch her first fish.

I don't know the Ruby family, but came across this awesome little video that they shared on YouTube. It shows their daughter, Katelyn, who's hooked her first fish. It's an amazingly colorful rainbow trout.

So many things to like about this simple slice of Wyoming life. First, the little girl is being helped by her dad. Second, when Katelyn asks mom for help, mom says "no, this is your fish". That's Wyoming parenting right there. Let the kids learn to do things for themselves.

The video is less than a minute long, but captures one of the great reasons why families love our way of life here. The mentality of spending time with your kids and letting them experience life is something we need to champion about what makes Wyoming what it is.

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