We have another installment of #WyoProbs for your bathroom reading pleasure. Whether you are on the commode or not, this article is that kind of lowbrow humor. These are the first world problems that come from living in Wyoming.

The things people usually joke/complain about are the weather, the lack of people, and wild animals. All the action takes place on social media. We gather up the good ones, wrap them up in a bow, and present them to you like it is your birthday. Well, if you have a low standard of expectations for your birthday that is.

If you want to add something to the list, make sure you use the #WyoProbs in your tweets or Facebook posts. So the next time you gripe about those dear who pillage your garden, or when the wind blows away your picnic table, make sure to tell the world on social media. Who knows, maybe the next installment you will be featured.