The fall TV season might be in full swing, but fans won't be fully satisfied until October 14, when TV's biggest monster hit returns for its third season, AMC's 'The Walking Dead'! But while we know the third season will contain 16 total episodes, like the current season of 'Breaking Bad' but divided over less time, what's the holdup from AMC in greenlighting a fourth season already? Is there any chance it might not happen? If so, why?

Prior to AMC's renewal of 'The Walking Dead' for a 16-episode season, many theorized that the DISH-skewering network would likely renew the show for a third and fourth season simultaneously, based on the show's wild success. Officially, AMC has only agreed to a third season of the beloved zombie-thriller, but recent writings on the AMC blog certainly seem to confirm the likelihood of a fourth season. See for yourself, courtesy of SpoilerTV:

Just because the walkers are mindless flesh-eaters doesn't mean you have to be so inconsiderate. AMC and The Walking Dead are joining forces with the American Red Cross for a nationwide blood drive that, aside from being a great way to show your humanity, also might win you a 3-day, 2-night trip to the Season 4 production of The Walking Dead in 2013. Use Your Brains. Give Blood. And visit between now and 11:59/10:59c on Mon., Oct. 22 to enter the Sweepstakes!

So obviously, giving blood is awesome and we should all do it right now, but yay 'The Walking Dead' season 4! And yay 'The Walking Dead' season 3, which premieres on October 14! What do you expect will happen in the new season?

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