Recently WyoFile posted an article showing that some people are moving to Wyoming in an attempt to flee coronavirus, city unrest, big city government overreach, high cost of living, and taxes.

I would like to thank these potential new arrivals for considering the great and beautiful state of Wyoming. But before you sign that mortgage for a new home, we need to sit down and have a little heart-to-heart.

Wyoming is Wyoming because of our unique way of thinking and getting things done. The worry, therefore, is that folks moving from out of state, escaping the mess that their states are in, will bring their weird way of doing things to Wyoming.

It needs to be made clear to any refugees escaping to Wyoming that bringing those bad habits that made them a refugee will just make Wyoming as bad as the place they left.

Please read and carefully consider before signing 'The Wyoming Citizenship Oath.'

1). I ___________ hereby understand that Wyoming is a quiet state because there are so many guns. 'An armed society is a polite society.' I understand that I will not be required to own a gun, but it is sort of seen as an embarrassment if I don't own at least six or more.

2). As a citizen of Wyoming I_____________ understand that I will be expected to earn my own way. It is expected that I will help those in need, but being in need of help is never to be a permanent condition.

3). I ___________ understand that I am to mind my own business, as those around me are expected to mind their own.

4). It is understood that I __________ am expected to make fun of Colorado, even if that is where I escaped from.

5). I ____________ promise that I will never ask where the "safe space" is. I will "cowboy up" and deal with it.

I have printed this oath and am sending it to the governor and several state legislators to make it something that everyone has to sign before they move here (NOT KIDDING).

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