Wyoming's history runs deep, but some towns aren't as old as you think.

There's a catch though.

In Wyoming we have 203 places. 99 incorporated and 104 that the census recognizes. The incorporated places include 19 cities and 80 towns. That means many of the other 104 have less than 500 people, which is the minimum population to be incorporated.

The oldest incorporated town/city in Wyoming is the states capital, Cheyenne. Incorporated in 1869, Cheyenne has been and still is the largest populated city in the state.

Cheyenne WY

Next few oldest cities/towns on the list are Laramie, Buffalo, Hartville, Douglas, Evanston, Rock Springs, and Casper, which were all incorporated towns before Wyoming became a state in 1890.

Compared to those Wyoming historical hot spots, there are a few towns that didn't incorporate until after 1970. Really, if you want to go down the history timeline rabbit hole, Wyoming is still a fairly new state. In 2023, the Cowboy State will be 133 years young.

It's wild to think, some of us, have been on the earth long enough to know someone that was alive when Wyoming became a state. If you were born before 1990, you're actually older than some of the 99 Wyoming incorporated cities/towns.

I know, mind blown...right?

Depending on the year you're born, you can start out a story now with...

you know I'm so old that when I was a kid, not only did I have to walk uphill to school both ways, but I'm older than a hand full of Wyoming towns

Ahhh the fun of getting old.

You may be surprised which of Wyoming's 99 are, technically, less that 60 years old.

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