If you're smart, you do things and then you learn from those things. I'm guessing that will happen with the scientists who put a collar camera on a wild wolf as it didn't go as planned.

Voyageurs Wolf Project had a noble goal. Here's how they described their effort on YouTube:

We are very excited to share the first-ever camera collar footage from a wild wolf to our knowledge. We hope you enjoy seeing the world from a wolf's point of view!

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Note to self: if you ever have the chance to put a camera on a wild wolf, you need to account for the fact that they have a lot of chin hair. Lots and lots of chin hair. Watch the fur fest for yourself:

You'll notice that our wolf friend nabbed himself several fish. I have to confess that I was unaware that wolves were such avid fishermen. Sadly, he caught more with his jaws than I caught with my rod and reel last time I went to a lake. (*sad face*)

The part where the wolf is chewing on the deer leg bone was nearly gag-inducing though.

The other news of note from this wolf camera experiment is noticing how wolves behave when they're with other wolves. Is it interesting? Absolutely. Would they adjust some things before they do it again? Almost certainly. If nothing else, this is a good first step in trying to better understand one of the many predators that we have an increasing number of in our state.

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