Even compared to awesome things, this is amazing. There's an Instagram page dedicated to shaming Yellowstone tourons.

In case you're new to this Wyoming word, touron is what you get when you combine tourists and morons. Tourons. See how easy that was? Unfortunately, we get a large number of these every year that give regular tourists a bad name.

Now, there's an Instagram page dedicated to shaming these misfits. It's called Tourons of Yellowstone on Instagram and it's amazing. Here's some of what they do:

The Seattle Times did a huge story about how social media has led to the destruction of many of our national parks like Yellowstone. The Tourons of Yellowstone is one effort to try and convince people to behave themselves by outing those that don't. Let's hope it's effective as we love and appreciate those that come to see our beautiful part of America. But, we want Yellowstone to be around for generations to come.

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