Ten Sleep is one of my favorite places in the state of Wyoming.

It's labeled as "A little town with a big heart" and I couldn't agree more.

Nestled in the Big Horns, this small town is quintessentially Wyoming.

Mountain views, check.

Wide-open spaces, check.

Quaint downtown, check.

Super cool bar where the locals all hang, check.

When I came across this video created by Ten Sleep resident Sherry Firnekas I was instantly captivated by the view of the valley.

And then I was utterly charmed by Firnekas' descriptions of the town.

She obviously knows her way around.

She mentions the height of the "crick" and the sweet small-town gesture of hanging banners for each of the graduating seniors on the downtown lamps.

As they drive out of town I love that they come upon a few kids riding their bikes down the middle of the two-lane highway.

All they do is honk, and the kids move aside lol.

She even talks about the fire hall "the one that replaced the one that burned down" and THE 24-hour fitness center.

I love it.

I reached out to Carol who not only lives in Ten Sleep but also writes one of my favorite Wyoming blogs, Red Dirt in My Soul, and she explained that Firnekas is a local real estate agent.

This makes her description of the 4 free parcels of land with city sewer, water, and electricity make more sense lol.

I've been to Ten Sleep several times before and it really is gorgeous and utterly charming. This video reminded me that it has been way too long since we have made our way up that direction.

Looks like it's time to start planning that summer road trip.

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