Matt Shirley creates charts based on the answers to questions he asks his followers.

In one of his most recent charts, he polled his followers and asked them to "describe the folks" from their state.

The answers are predictably both accurate and hilarious.

For example, Texans are described as "proud" which anyone that has been to the state can agree with.

People coming from my home state of Wisconsin are "drunk" (can't really argue with that one) and Nebraska is "corny".

In the chart, Wyomingites are described as "outdoorsy" which I can see.

Though that word makes me think more of hippie type hikers rather than hunters and ranchers...though they DO spend plenty of time outdoors.

Coloradans were "high" (no argument here) and Montanans were listed as "sturdy".

I had to laugh out loud when I saw that Utah was "Morman".

Here is a look at the whole chart.

In the comments, there is a ton of debate over the word "ope" and what it means.

As someone raised in the midwest it is more of an expression rather than a descriptive term.

For example "Ope, sorry I bumped into you."

Or, "Ope, don't worry about it, it'll dry."

What was your favorite state?

Did you see anything that you disagreed with?

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