Despite it being December we have almost no snow here in Casper.

Even up on Casper Mountain most of the areas are snow-free or have too little snow for us to actually enjoy any winter activities.

Despite that, when I came across this epic sledding video I HAD to share it.

Let's discuss some of the details in this video.

First, this is obviously not a Walmart Sled. It's made to handle some bumps, and to me it looks like one you'd use ice fishing to carry your gear.

Second, there seem to be 3 people in this sled, though it's a bit tricky to get an actual count with how much they are being flung around.

Third, the ramp they created leads to some major air. I'd guess they are about 10 feet in the air if not higher.

And lastly, how about some applause for the passengers who not only stayed in the sled as it flew in the air but stuck the landing too.

While we may have a bit longer to wait for enough snow to pull this off, I am 100% inspired to give it a try.

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