Love it or hate it, winter is coming.

Waking up to freshly fallen snow, scooping snow, walking around in snow and just the thought of snow and cold temperatures are some of my favorite things.

I may be a little different than many people, many people I've talked to can't even stand the thought of winter, let alone snow and cold temperatures. In a National CBS poll in 2013, the results say that only 1 in 10 people say winter is their favorite season. I didn't realize I was that rare of a person.

Some of the main things people HATE about winter are:

  • Cold Weather
  • Snow
  • Being Cold
  • Chance of Falling
  • Bad Drivers
  • Dressing In Layers
  • Heating Bills
  • Scooping/Scraping Snow & Ice
  • Winter Blues

On the other hand, there are those of us that LOVE these things about winter:

  • Shorter Days
  • Cold Weather
  • Snow
  • Dressing In Layers
  • Winter Foods
  • Winter Booze
  • Warm, Festive Drinks
  • Warm Days
  • Playing In The Snow

Just like anything, I think most people just like to have something to complain about that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. Usually the same winter complainers are the ones that are cussing the heat and summer sun.

Personal preferences are what makes everyone unique, maybe not tolerable, but unique.

I was curious, so I asked Wyomingites what they enjoyed doing when the snow flies. The answers surely weren't disappointing, some were surprising and some were right on target with what you'd think.

Just remember that you can choose to embrace is or complain about it, your choice, BUT one tip that will go a long way...Don't eat yellow snow

You can see by the answers that people either love or hate the snow.

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