More often than not it seems, I come across a story that just seems so ridiculous that I can't believe that it is actually happening in the "Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave." Welcome to the 21st  century, I guess. Watch your siding.

Mitch Faber is a criminal. The Burnsville, Minnesota man was recently arrested while on his way to his job.  He was placed in a jail cell without bond, and he was forced to undergo electronic home monitoring - all because the siding on his home didn't meet city standards.

The drama began unfolding for Faber in 2007 when the city of Burnsville sent him a letter stating that he had to finish the siding project on his home. When it was still lacking the finishing touches by 2009, Mitch was sent two more letters. Then another came in 2010 telling him that he had a date with the judge. He was informed that he had to either finish the home's exterior or face jail time.

So Mitch returned to his house and he and Jean say they spent about $12,000 putting a stucco façade over the plywood exterior. They thought they were finally in compliance. They were wrong.

Even though completing the project was crippling due to bad economic times for Mitch and his wife, they managed to finish. However, inspectors weren't impressed and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

“I'm walking around in a green and white jump suit, I had to shower in front of a sheriff, I was shackled, my wrists were handcuffed to my waist — for siding.”

The poor guy also had to submit to electronic home monitoring which required Mr. Faber "to blow into a drug and alcohol device everytime an alarm goes off."

“They could call me at 2 in the morning and they did,” Faber said.

My thanks to the twin cities, KSTP ABC News 5 for further dimishing my hope for America. You can read the full story right here.