Summertime = S'mores Time

It's just plain science.

That being said it appears that there is more than one way to make a S' fact, there are hundreds of ways.

Traditionally S'mores are made by making a sandwich with two graham crackers, a toasted marshmallow, and several pieces of milk chocolate.

It's an American camping tradition and one that my kids love.

When we asked you for your favorite S'mores recipe, I was impressed with how willing you all were to shake things up.

I shouldn't have been surprised that several of you suggested replacing the milk chocolate bar with a Reese's Cup. After all, it is Wyoming's favorite candy.

I can imagine that the ooey gooey combo of melted marshmallow, chocolate, and peanut butter is divine. I'll be trying that one when we go camping this year.

Laura suggested "Girl Scout cookies (any flavor except Savannah Smiles!) Hershey's chocolate, and a toasted marshmallow :) yummm!"

I think two Somoas on top of a perfectly toasted marshmallow sounds amazing.

Cheryl, we couldn't agree with your comment more, S'mores ARE always better with friends!

Over on Instagram we had even more creative ideas!

@kkanicki said "I use the caramel filled @ghirardelli squares on my s’mores with a little slice of banana! They pair perfectly with the toasted marshmallow and graham crackers!"

@cstrand5 said "Smores with Andes mints!!!" and we had several listeners that agreed that this was the way to go.

If you're looking for a few more creative ideas for S'mores here are a few fun links I found.

Here are 24 fun twists on classic S'mores. From Cheesecake to French Toast you can have the fun of camping all year long with these recipes!

Make sure you let us know if you have a favorite S'mores recipe that we didn't mention.

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