If you feel the need to chill and you have a bike, there are very few destinations better than Casper Mountain. A new video proves this point to a T.

A Better Version of Me is the YouTube channel that just shared this Casper Mountain moment. Pay special attention to the tunes that they're listening to while they're mountain biking.

If you're not fluent with all the mountain biking possibilities that there are on Casper Mountain, Visit Casper has some great pro tips on a couple of the main paths including Eadsville Trail and Muddy Mountain Trail.

MTB Project documents Eadsville Trail on Casper Mountain of gaining around 500 feet in altitude before descending through lush forest areas. They are not kidding about the lush forest areas on that path.

Muddy Mountain Trail is highly-rated on All Trails as a 4 out of 5 star bike adventure that traverses about 3.4 miles of Casper Mountain awesomeness. One review from All Trails member Lauren that was shared just a few weeks ago said:

Nice and easy hike in the trees. Good hike if you want a leisurely stroll, but nothing too special. The drive from Casper is beautiful!

We concur on the "Casper is beautiful" part.

If you haven't spent some quality time on Casper Mountain lately, this is a reminder that there are very few better times than right now to enjoy our local nature places.

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