Today is Monday, and we think that it's the perfect day to share where Casper goes to get their Caffeine!

On Saturday we asked you to share your favorite local spots and per usual, you had lot's to say.

I went through your comments and used my best tallying skills to come up with a solid list of Casper's top picks to share with you. Feel free to scroll through the comments below, because there were several that didn't make this list that you may want to try out!

A few other local favorites like Metro and Lincoln Street Cafe (kudos to them for taking the time to thank those that mentioned them), as well as Crooked Creek Coffee Grinders and Donelles (I didn't even know they had coffee there), had some hardcore fans as well!

I loved that there were even shoutouts to Mocha Molly's in Douglas!

Of course, some of you have very sophisticated taste and claim that the ONLY place to get good coffee in Casper is in your own kitchen.

Is there somewhere that we didn't mention?

Let us know in the comments!

NOTE: These tallies were based on the comments posted by 5pm Sunday, April 28, 2019.

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