I would say, excuse my pun, but I'm not sorry. If there's one thing I love, it's a good pun, especially when it's timed with a cute picture of a bear visiting someone's home, when they're presumably not at home. The mental image I would have if the bear were at the door of my home would probably be a little more concerning considering I live in the middle of a city, but in this case, it's really fun. And also, not at my house.

Courtesy of Casey Campbell
Courtesy of Casey Campbell

This was the visual that popped up on Casey Cambell's security camera recently, with the caption to the photo

Just had a black bear visiting our front door. The life in Woods Landing!

I'm sure he was just looking for a picnic basket to share with his buddy, Yogi. Or maybe a pie. He must have floated in the air towards the smell of a homemade pie. That has to be it.

In all reality, this guy is just looking to fatten up for his winter's nap. It's wont be unusual to see these guys going around and trying to find some food to get ready. Really, it's how I feel when I'm getting snacks to watch football. So I totally feel this bear. I wonder if he's a Bears fan? Probably. He hates their Quarterback situation, too.

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Thanks to Mr. Campbell for sharing this photo. It's awesome, and I'm sure he's probably happy that it came, saw he wasn't getting anything good and left.

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