I have discovered what may be the ultimate Wyoming lawn mower. It's a new video share of a bear eating grass. Lots and lots of grass.

I'm not sure why this surprised me. Maybe it's because I spent most of my time in biology class making paper footballs. (likely) But, I learned that Wyoming bears eat lots of grass. Susan Bradburn shared a new video of a beautiful black bear plowing through the green stuff like nobody's business.

When I think of bears eating, I picture them feasting on deer or elk or some type of other wildlife. When you see a bear in a movie, you rarely see them eating grass. The Revenant would have been way less dramatic if the bear had attacked a field of grass instead of Leonardo DiCaprio.

This led to an inspiring Google search where I learned a lot about bear diets at the What Do Bears Eat website. According to them, 85% of a black bear's diet comes from vegetation. Who knew?

Black bears aren't alone in their lawn preferences. Grizzlies eat grass, too.

Even polar bears could be used to help keep your lawn tidy.

Go figure. Bears eat grass. If you see one in your lawn going at it, now you know why.

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