It appears there are some New Zealand people that really love Wyoming and I do mean REALLY love Wyoming. A guest ranch there is perfectly modeled after an old West Wyoming frontier town.

This is the Mellonsfolly Ranch in New Zealand. You'll notice the many references to our state in their buildings.

New has some more details of what this ranch is all about:

A timeless western experience where the Old West lives on. Dust off your cowboy hat, pull on your jeans and cowboy boots and strap on some gun leather to experience the Old West with us at Mellonsfolly Ranch.

That's right, partner. Giddy up for the best flavor of Wyoming in...New Zealand. How are is this ranch from the real Wyoming? This far.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I checked the official Mellonsfolly Ranch website and learned that this taste of Wyoming in New Zealand will cost you big time. It shows a one-night stay at $7,900. Gulp. But, you get the whole ranch to yourself so that's gotta be worth something.

I did some research and it's not quite as expensive as it seems. One American dollar equals 1.45 New Zealand dollars. Please don't ask me to do the math to figure out what that means. Take my word for it that this is a sweet taste of Wyoming in New Zealand.

You can look at what New Zealand people think Wyoming is like at the official Mellonsfolly Ranch website.

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