When I dream of homes, they aren't as nice as one I just found in the real world. It's a Wyoming mansion that has the Tetons in the backyard, epic supercars in the garage and a very lazy moose.

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This is 6125 N Prickly Pear Lane N in Jackson, Wyoming. I found it while wasting too much time on Realtor and it's your typical dreamy western Wyoming estate that is loaded with just about every luxury you could imagine.

I forgot to mention that it overlooks the 7th tee box at the Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club. Pretty sure my Caddyshack-loving friends wouldn't be allowed there.

Pay special attention to the vehicles in the garage and the wildlife (and Tetons) in the backyard.

This Wyoming Mansion Has the Tetons, Supercars and a Moose

Do you by chance have an extra $7,500,000 I could borrow? That's the current asking price and I'm about $7,499,999 short. (*ahem*)

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