It's almost time for the Wyoming Women's Expo.

It all begins Thursday night with the Wyoming Women of Influence Banquet.

Then everything really kicks off with Professional Development Day.

If you've never been to this event before (or any other kind of professional development day) it's probably not enough for me to tell you to go.

So here are three reasons to attend this year's Wyoming Women's Expo Professional Development Day.

1. To get inspired. The day to day grind of work, home, take care of family and repeat can leave anyone feeling drained. Women statistically handle more of the work at home than their male partners, and working moms handle more than 80% of the parenting. At this year's professional development day, there are specific panels designed to help you find your balance and prevent burnout. You'll leave this event feeling inspired and ready to go back to work with a fresh outlook.

2. To make connections. Nothing is stronger than a group of women gathered together, working to achieve the same goal. Part of Professional Development Day is specifically created to allow you to make connections with like-minded women. Women who are there for the same reasons as you, women who will be cheerleaders as you keep moving forward in your career.

3. To learn. When we stop learning, we stop growing. Professional Development Day's keynote speaker, the panels, and the conversation about Women's Sufferage in Wyoming are specifically designed for you. They want to educate you, to give you tools, and to help you learn how to take steps towards being the best you can be in your career.

And if that's not enough...

Get your ticket now and approach your co-workers about getting a table.

Did I mention that the cost of this even can be written off as a business expense?

There is no excuse to not go.

Take the time, make the time, and invest in yourself.

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